Double Mirage 

The shot rings out inside your head,
the bullet bleeds from the hammer,
the lead cools in the chamber
of your brain.

You part your lips for the kiss of Christ.
He kneels before you hypnotized,
and in your last startling vision,
you see the bullet hidden,
between the eyes of your surprised,
and rigid, Messiah. 

Buddha Laughing 

You seek, Nothing.
Yet, Nothing seeks you.
He’s right around the corner,
with slightly parted eyes,
a faint smile, a sharp shining,
illuminating, blade,
honed for transformation,
tucked inside his robes.

Belly laughing Buddha,
puts a knife to your throat.
You bleed, into everything else,
until you can’t tell, the Buddha,
from yourself.

Moses on the Mount

In the beginning,
God created the Amoeba.
He said “Multiply into a
myriad of creatures,
make a chain from
here to the galaxies.

Feed on each other,
dine on your host.”
Touch, bite, suck!
These are the tools
of a god. They help
get things done!

Amid this feast of blood,
I hear a whisper,
feel deeper meaning,
of evolution.

Evolution is the procreation
of touch. Evolution
collects in consciousness.

Love thy enemy,
but kill him if you have to!
Consider Game as
the essence of life.

Play hard, work easy!
Attitude is the
essence of Heaven.
If we die today or never –
It doesn’t matter.
Anxiety is the only Hell.

Think a thought and forget it!
Save yourself,
then put yourself in danger.
Give yourself light,
then blow out the flame.

Inconsistency allows us to create.
Life is Art. Making art is play.
Commitment to play is work.

Having the correct attitude
for oneself is liberation.
Using that attitude
to create is revolution.
Thus, evolution serves God
and displeases “Him” not.

Cave Paint Media